In 2003, following a five-year stint in Berlin, Juraj Koneval and Katarina Manikova open an architecture firm KONEVAL/MANIKOVA Architects, later to become KONEVAL ARCHITECTS. The portfolio of successful projects spans stunning interior designs, majestic family houses, well thought-through public spaces, and life-changing residential housing. "The key factors informing our design philosophy are achieving the highest benefit for the client, including lasting enjoyment, and maximum efficiency to complement each individual lifestyle.  We take a holistic approach to each endeavor ꟷ from the documentation, concept modeling, and study phase, through project management, all the way to completion." During the 20 years in the business, KONEVAL ARCHITECTS has completed over 150  unique projects, nationally as well as abroad.


  • Ing.arch. Juraj Koneval

    Ing.arch. Juraj Koneval


  • Ing.arch. Katarína Maníkova

    Ing.arch. Katarína Maníkova


  • Ing. Martin Kubica

    Ing. Martin Kubica

    Construction engineer

  • Ing. Dušan Jedinak

    Ing. Dušan Jedinak

    Construction engineer

  • Mgr. art. Ivan Jedinak

    Mgr. art. Ivan Jedinak

    Junior designer